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FCS Charitable Trust
Our Founder Mr.FC.Sondhi (1906 - 1983)

Mr. F.C. Sondhi, a great philanthropist and self made businessman, was born in the year 1906 in Sialkot, which is now in Pakistan. Both his parents died when he was three years old and he was left to grow up in the home of some relatives.

From a very young age he believed in hard, diligent and honest study and at the same time was deeply committed to the upliftment of the down trodden.He was an active member of the Arya Samaj movement in those days. Through his own hard work and self education he was able to do well in his academic studies and was called by the then major sports company in United India, M/s Uberoi Limited to work there. He developed a shining reputation for honesty and was put under the personal supervision of Mr. Uberoi himself.


Late Mr. F.C. Sondhi was a spiritually minded philanthropist and self made businessman. He believed in treating all human beings as equal, irrespective of caste and creed. He also believed in universal religion without dogma. He was also a great believer in action, which was exemplified by his life work.

In 1936 he was sent to England and eventually settled down there. However he had a great yearning to visit his motherland and came to India often. From 1967 (when his younger son came and settled in Jalandhar) till 1983 (when he passed away), he used to visit India every year for periods of three to six months at a time and got deeply involved in projects for helping the poor and the needy. He was also here for one full year in 1972-1973, as President of the local Rotary Club.

History of Trust

F.C. Sondhi Charitable Trust came into existence on 2nd of May 1978. The major aims and objectives of the Trust are to provide help to the needy, particularly in the fields of education and vocational training. The Trust does this by studying applications from various institutions and individuals and sanctioning scholarships and grants in conformity with the above mentioned ideals. The trust is actually named after Mr. F.C. Sondhi who inspired its formation.


Mission Statement on Awarding Scholarships

Our first and foremost aim is that all children should be educated at least up to the 8th standard.

Quite often in poor families, the parents avoid sending their children to school either because the schools are of poor quality or because they would like their children to go out to work and earn some money. Sometimes they themselves want to go out to work and they want their older children to look after the younger children.

For all these reasons, we want to give scholarships so that people are encouraged to send children to school.


Such families as mentioned above will, if given a scholarship, hopefully send their children to government schools and although the cost of sending to those schools is almost negligible, our scholarship will hopefully encourage them by over compensating the actual cost.

We do not feel that parents are very rich if they are sending their children to expensive private schools. On the contrary we admire their determination to provide good education for their children.

On the basis of the above, we will give uniform rate of scholarship to children whether going to government schools or government aided schools or private schools bearing in mind that we are purposely over compensating the children going to government schools to encourage them to study.

We shall continue with these scholarships upto 8th class only to achieve target of literacy for all. From 9th class onwards we shall introduce an element of merit slowly besides means, and weightage on merit will increase with each class. After 12th class, we shall only sponsor very brilliant students who are going to ultimately get first class degrees from university.

For other children after +2, we shall offer scholarships or subsidies or assistance to join relevant diploma courses i.e. courses which will have some practical application.

We feel there is no point in giving scholarships to mediocre students after 12th since they will be wasting the resources of the country by studying and simply getting a BA or BSc. after their name which they cannot use.


F.C. Sondhi Charitable Trust has been giving scholarships for the last 25 years or so. First we used to offer scholarships to all school going children, but then realized that cost of education in lower classes is nominal. We now entertain application from 6th class to M.A.

Each application is verified by a visit to the home of the students, to confirm the facts entered on the fairly comprehensive application form. Our aim is to help all genuine cases who come to us.

In number 40% of our scholarships are sponsored by donors. We have a policy that every paisa of donated money will be used for the scholarship, and all administration costs will be borne by the Trust.

A relatively new scholarship scheme also has been started by F.C. Sondhi Chartibale Trust for needy but brilliant students. Those that get 65% or more marks in Science subject or 70% or more marks in Commerce subjects, will be given more financial assistance than other students. When these students complete their education and begin to start a successful life, they will be expected to repay society by themselves sponsoring another brilliant and needy student.

Since we have not offered any assistance towards the education of primary school children our company has decided to adopt a primary school in a rural area for 3 years. The school is Bharti School (initiated by Airtel) at Hussainpura, district Ludhiana. The financial burden of this would be 10 lakhs per annum.

We were motivated to do this by a speech of former President APJ Abdul Kalam. In May 2007, while distributing corporate social responsibility awards, he urged corporate India to contribute to the upliftment of society, besides creating wealth. Also that corporate and industrial houses should reach out to children in rural and semi-urban India by adopting schools. They should provide infrastructure in the form of clean drinking water, toilet and transportation facilities for children, equipping sport complexes and providing computing facilities for technology – assisted learning.

Vocational Training

We have tried to invite applications for vocational training and the response is gradually picking up.

At present, we are giving 9 vocational scholarships. Three students are doing B.Sc Nursing, one a diploma in leather technology, one in pharmacy, one in laboratory technology and two in computer applications. Also one student is doing a course in tally accountancy.

About 10 or so years ago, we started this scheme, and it is slowly getting more popular.With the academic year 1999-2000 we started the scheme for students getting scholarships from our Trust.

We are hoping more students would take advantage of this offer in the coming years, as we make it open to all students.
Grants to the Needy

After starting the scholarship scheme, it came to our notice that widows faced many problems. A scheme was started to give grants to widows. Our aim is to help elderly widows and other destitute people and we are giving financial aid which is more than the old age pension offered by Punjab Government. In some cases, we have helped ladies who come to us, to apply for and get the government pension also. Since the beneficiaries are quite aged, we have devised a scheme so that they receive their grant at their doorsteps.

A few other needy people are also being helped by our Trust with a higher rate of grant .

Ideas Exchange

The Trust also runs a Newsletter which has been regularly published since the inception of the Trust. The Newsletter by the name of “Ideas Exchange” contains spiritual, moral and commercial ideas condensed into an easily readable form for it’s readers. It espouses views that emphasize the dignity of life, seeks to rediscover our inner-self, truth,virtue and honour. For the expansion of higher human values this newsletter “Ideas Exchange” is highly subsidized.

Our founder, Late Sh. F.C. Sondhi, worked hard to start the “Ideas Exchange” on a regular basis and in the early days he did all the work of compiling articles which could be of interest to readers. As the name of the magazine indicates, Sh. F.C. Sondhi was keen that this little magazine could become a forum where the readers would write in with their various different ideas and that it would become a medium for exchange of ideas between people all over the world.

It currently has circulation of about 1400 members – spread all over India and other countries. Mr. F.C. Sondhi grand-daughter is now the editor.
Help to Other Charities

AADI - Action for Ability Development & Inclusion (Delhi)
This charity helps physically challenged persons by enhancing their ability for action by providing artificial limbs and rehabiliting them.

We are contributing to their efforts by donating Rs. 20000/- every year.


Arpana Research & Charities Trust (Regd.) - Karnal
This charity is working for health services by providing rural hospitals and mobile clinics, arranging family planning and eye camps, training persons as mid wives and village health workers.

We are regularly donating at least Rs. 20000/- every year.


Baba Nanak Educational Society - Haryana
This institution provides financial assistance to those families where farmers have committed suicide due to a debt burden.

We are strengthening their hands by sharing the burden of two such families for the last three years by donating Rs. 12000/- every year per family. Further, we contributed Rs. 100000/- to his institution for creating a corpus fund.


This organization works for marginalized children. It draws attention of the society towards their plight and works for their upliftment by providing better education and health facilities.

Our trust is contributing by bearing cost of education and health care of ten children year after year. Our company contributed Rs. 200000/- to this organization last year.


Goonj - New Delhi
This organization collects many items including clothes, woollens, foot wear, bed sheets, blankets, utensils, toys, school items, and recycles these to economically weak people after sorting, repairing etc. The organization did splendid relief work during the Tsunami disaster & Bihar floods.

We are donating at least Rs. 20000/- to this organization every year besides this our trustee is actively engaged in the Jalandhar branch of this organization.


Manav Sehyog School
This institution is imparting quality education to children of landless labourers and marginal farmers. We are bearing the cost of education of three children for the last 3 years by contributing Rs. 7000/- p.a. per child.


RUDSET Institute
This institute imparts vocational training to educated unemployed youth and helps them in getting finance from Canara Bank and Syndicate Bank to establish their own small business. We are providing financial support of Rs. 20000/- p.a. to RUDSET for the last 3 to 4 years.


HelpAge India
This organization is working for destitute senior citizens and is maintaining many oldage homes. It also provides free medical treatment to poor elderly people living in slums and villages, through mobile medical units.

We are contributing in their programme Adopt a Gran and currently sponsoring Sivagami & Mathubackiam. Our founder trustee too was instrumental in donating Rs. 200000/- from his company to this institution.



SOS Children's Village - Rajpura
This organization is providing long term family based care to orphaned children. Our trust has adopted one girl child Ms. Dolly Bhandari and we have been meeting her expenses of Rs. 6000/- p.a. for the last eight years.

Further our founder trustee was instrumental in making donation of Rs. 50000/- from his HUF and Rs. 200000/- from his company.


Shri Ramakrishna Ashrama - Rajkot, U.P.
This Ashrama is distributing Ration kits to destitute widows under a rural development programme. We too joined in their effort and are currently providing financial support of Rs. 22000/- per year for four persons namely Motiben, Sakianaben Badabava Sheikh, Rajiben Vajabhai Devipiyak & Manilal Dayaram Vyas.


Udayan Care - New Delhi
This organization too works for development of orphaned and abandoned children and provides them with a proper and good environment for their growth.

Our trust is too sharing this responsibility and has adopted two children Ms. Sheetal & Ms. Sheela. We are footing their annual school fees & transporting charges at Rs. 12000/- p.a for each since 2006.


Citizen Forum : Vidya Mandir - Amritsar
This organization is providing free education to children of drug addicted persons. Most of these students have lost their father. We are donating Rs. 20000/- p.a. to this institution for last two years.


Baba Aya Singh Riari College - Amritsar
This institution is providing higher education in a remote border area of Punjab to girls, by charging Rs. 800/- P.A. as tuition fee.
We are helping this institution by donating Rs. 20000/- per year for the last two years.

Thank You, Sponsors
A large number of our friends also donate liberally to this Charitable Trust. These funds in turn are distributed as grants to destitute people, widows, handicapped persons and scholarships to students. This is done after proper verification of genuineness of the cases. The scholarships and stipends sponsored by our well-wishers are paid entirely to the students and stipend holders. All other charges, such as administration, postage etc. incurred are borne by the Trust itself.
Beneficiaries at Trust Functions
Participants at our various Award Functions